Social Media Workshops

Social Media Workshops

Social Media Workshops

Wenetu® offers training services focused on the following key learning areas:

Social Media for Business

This workshop series focuses on utilizing social media for business use. Some of the general objectives of the workshops are:

  • How organizations fit into the social network
  • Proper social media etiquette 
  • How to select and set up the right social media platforms and tools for your organization
  • How to keep your personal profile separate from your organization's
  • How to interact with and engage your audience
  • How to view analytics/insights of your social media platform
  • How to set up advertisements with your social media platforms
  • How to create a profile image for your social media platforms



Social Media for Government Communications

The use of social media platforms as legitimate communication tools has been steadily gaining acceptance at all levels of government. However, the adoption of social media by government agencies has outpaced the regulatory framework introducing new challenges related to privacy,
security, data management, accessibility, social inclusion, governance, and other information policy issues.


This workshop will focus on policy development, technology adoption, piloting and experimentation, as well as internal culture change needs, with emphasis on:

  • Develop web, social media, and data release policies with respect to the Open Government initiatives
  • Apply your new policies, tools, and tactics within your legal framework



How to Measure Success with Social Media

Social media can contribute to measurable dissemination and engagement outcomes for intended audiences. While Web 2.0 tools and applications continue to be of interest, key questions remain: how, and in what manner, can social media tools be effectively used to increase customer engagement and better circulate impactful and relevant.

Some of the general objectives of the workshop are:

  • Review the metrics that have measurable impacts: increasing web traffic, reaching customers not generally targeted, expanding overall reach of information and increasing opportunities for expanded engagement with stakeholders, partners and staff
  • Review social media dashboards which provide important analytical data as part of an integrated media management approach
  • Review evidence of useful communication impact and the importance of the development of a social media policy as part of an overall communication strategy
  • Introduce social media policies and Return on Investment (ROI) metrics to executive decision-makers



Custom Social Media Workshops

Wenetu will custom-design workshops targeting the specific needs of your organization. These workshops will provide your staff the necessary tools to develop, implement and manage your social media initiatives.



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