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Government Services

Wenetu® is part of, and committed to, the Open Government Partnership, which is a multilateral initiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance.



Social Media Services

Social media helps government agencies play a greater and more valuable role in serving their communities keeping citizens informed and engaging them in two-way dialogue. Wenetu is commited to helping government agencies achieve this significant opportunity. To that end, our services include the following:


  1. Consulting and strategy formulation
  2. Social profile management
  3. Training public sector staff in the use of social media tools


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Additional Internet Marketing Services


In addition to our Social Media services, Wenetu offers you the following online Spanish-language marketing services to help you maximize awareness about your agency and services among your Spanish-speaking online constituents:

  • website design or redesign
  • SEO optimization 
  • PPC campaigns
  • content development and distribution


Wenetu's social media and internet marketing services can be delivered as (a) a translation of your existing content into Spanish or (b) audience-specific, custom content development in the Spanish language.



E-Government Solutions


Wenetu offers you vast experience in e-government applications, technology planning, web portals and training working with international development organizations like the World Bank, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), United States Trade Agency (USTDA), United Nations (UN) among others. We can help your agency to:


1. Review and analysis of public sector functions and services required by the citizens.
2. Train public sector staff in the management and control of government media tools
3. Define the necessary services to increment e-participation on public government media forums.
4. Develop and transfer knowledge of the necessary government media.
5. Define the strategies for the development of solutions towards e-government services.



1. E-Promotion: El Salvador - Trade Promotion: Designed and implemented trade facilitation web portal exclusively
devoted to opportunities in and information about trade and investment in the country.
2. E-Register: IRAQ - Economic Reform: Development and Implementation of the Central Business Register.
3. E-Fiscal: SERBIA - Banking and Fiscal Reform: Development and Implementation of complete system solution for the
implementation of Financial Intelligent Units (FIU)
4. E-Filing: KAZAKHSTAN - Social and Pension Reform: Design and Development of Collection and Record Keeping of
Contributions for the new Social Security and Tax Collection Department.
5. E-Payments: SWITZERLAND - United Nations Security Council : Development and Implementation of Claims Payment
System for the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) Oil-for-Food Program.



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Wenetu® will manage your social media profiles & online presence to ensure you effectively engage with your constituents and get the maximum network value from social media activities. The work will be carried out by fully trained experts who will care for your social presence pers...

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